Son Bou Earrings | L

Tipo de Aro:

The pieces that will make you shine to another level. No one will have earrings like yours, but better yet, no one will fit like you. 

Its turquoise color, with special effect in the glaze, it ensures that no two pieces are the same. Each ceramic piece is unique. You will attract attention

You will have a perfect set together with Ciutadella Bracelet.

Son Bou is one of our favorite beaches in Menorca. The most extensive of the island and of the few to the open sea.

Its seabeds are full of the Posidonia (so important in the marine ecosystem) that is responsible for that color turquoise of its waters. We love this color and you?

THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Pair of earrings + Pair of pieces ceramic craft  elongated turquoise with effect.

Ceramic piece: weight per piece 1.9g

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Aro Ovalado Oro: Acero inoxidable color Oro | Diámetro 23x17mm

Aro Clásico Oro: Acero inoxidable color Oro | Diámetro 18mm

Aro Clásico Plata: Acero inoxidable color Plata | Diámetro 18mm

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