Pair Níjar Pieces | S


These pieces are intended for women like you, who are looking for something different and unique what nobody has. So when you take them you will draw attention, and a lot. We tell you from experience and from your comments ;).

Why each piece is truly unique, thanks to the special detail of the colored stones that splash it, no two pieces are the same.

They are inspired by the town and beaches of Níjar, one of our favorite places in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. And if you go, it will also be yours, do not hesitate.

THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Par of pieces ceramic 100% handmade colored white with blue and orange dots Weight per piece | 1g

Your KUUS are special jewels. Unique pieces that give you life and color. That's why we want you to take care of them so they can last you forever and keep them as the first day. SEE GUIDE HERE.