Symmetry Earrings

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These pieces are ideals for those days when you have chosen to wear a super elegant look, where dark colors like black are predominant. And surely it is a night event, right? Well, with these earrings, you will have guaranteed success!

You know well that black is not easy to combine with other colors if you want to maintain that elegant and special point. The perfect combination that experts recommend for these looks is white.

An anecdote about these earrings:

Reviewing family photos, one of our mother caught our attention (see the fourth photo). Surely we stopped at that one, because we were amused by its resemblance to us.

We noticed that she was wearing earrings that our father gave her when they were dating, and without saying anything to her we looked for them in her jewelry box but she no longer had them. He told us that he used to buy small pieces of wood, and in his free time he would make her little pieces of jewelry to give her on special occasions.

We liked the idea of recreating them, this time with our material, ceramics. 

Why did we decide to call them SYMMETRY?

The inspiration at Kuus is nature, and these earrings that are pure symmetry, could not bear another name.

Turns out the symmetry It's very important In nature because it is a health reflection of all the flora and fauna that surrounds us. For example, plants with more symmetrical flowers are healthier, producing more nectar, more pollen, more fragrance... and therefore attract more insects or pollinating birds, thus generating more seeds. Incredible true?


THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Pair of 925 Silver stud earrings

Ceramic piece: weight per piece 2.4 g | Measurement 2x2cm

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