Perseids Earrings

Tipo de aro:

pieces inspired by our favorite night of the summerThe Perseids or The Tears of San Lorenzo ;). 

That meteor shower that leaves you fascinated if you go to a place with little light to see a starry sky that seems to fall on you. We have always seen them as children in Almería, that is why you will find them in that Collection.

THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Pair of earrings + Pair of pieces ceramic made 100% by hand in color blue of a starry Nightweight per piece 1g

Aro Ovalado Oro: Acero inoxidable color Oro | Diámetro 23x17mm

Aro Clásico Oro: Acero inoxidable color Oro | Diámetro 18mm

Aro Clásico Plata: Acero inoxidable color Plata | Diámetro 18mm

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