Pair Vera Pieces| M


These ceramic pieces they are one of your favorites.

And it doesn't surprise us, because the enamel It is truly striking and bright. They will suit you great. 

Vera has been our #eternalsummer for many years. We are in love with its desert landscapes. Such a special place, it deserved some very special colors.

on a background white, we have applied a random combination of brown dots that represent the colors of the volcanic looking mountains of the area, and with blue touches of clean sky, which is the usual throughout the year.

THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Pair of pieces ceramic 100% handmade colored white with turquoise blue and brown flecks · Weight per piece | 1g

Your KUUS are special jewels. Unique pieces that give you life and color. That's why we want you to take care of them so they can last you forever and keep them as the first day. SEE GUIDE HERE.