Bracelet/Pendant/Anklet Alentejo


Your friends they are going to die of envy when they see you with this pendant / bracelet / anklet. It is the favorite of the artist Rebeca Olazábal @re.arts and in image 9, she wears it as an anklet!

because the color green hand of this piece, has the ability to transmit your vital essence to others:  are creative, with very high Energy and Vitality, and very Fresh.

Because you are like that! 

And if in addition, one day you are more of bracelets and another of pendants?, then you are one of us ;-), and this SIX You're going to love it. Because thanks to the type of chain it wears, you may wear it also like wrist. And if you're brown, they're going to freak out ;-)

TIP: It combines ideally with slopes Alentejo, which are so successful among our clients.

THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Lilac and orange rope bracelet, lime handcrafted ceramic piece | 60cm approx. to turn the wrist 4 times 

Material: Closure in gold color (image 6) and two holes to be able to adjust it well to the wrist.

you are going to love this