Puerto Rey Earrings | M

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No two are the same. And the best: they will fit you great, because its oval shape, stylize the face. Combined with other smaller pieces such as Mini Mojácar (images 3 and 4)

The color of these ceramic pieces is inspired by the sky from the northern area of Almería, near Vera. It has a very special microclimate, where the air moves continuously, maintaining a mild temperature throughout the year. That means that if there are clouds that come from the sea, they pass quickly leaving white traces on the blue sky.

KUUS TIP: Use the Puerto Rey piece in one of our chains with or without a ring. Take a look at photos 5 and 6.

THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Pair of earrings + pair of ceramic pieces made 100% by hand in white with a blue effect.

Material aros: Gold color stainless steel - Diameter 16mm |  Silver colored stainless steel - diameter 20mm; Ceramic piece: weight per piece 1g