NEW | Biniparratx Earrings | L

Tipo de Aro:

Large oval ceramic pieces (L)  of  white and orange color.

Pieces that take the name of another of the Menorcan virgin coves, of fine white sand, between pine cliffs. It is possibly one of the smallest on the island. Its beach measures 20 x 20 meters.

These are eye-catching pieces, with personality. For those days when you feel full of energy. Something that others will perceive, thanks to its shape and white color as main, in contrast to the orange

You're going to shine!

Despite its large size (L), they are very comfortable and light pieces: each one only weighs 1.9 grams.

THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Pair of earrings + pair of pieces of elongated handcrafted ceramics in white and pink.

Material aros: Stainless steel Gold or Silver color - Diameter 16mm  

Ceramic piece: weight per piece 1.9g