NEW | Binibeca Pair of Pieces | L


Large oval (L) white and green ceramic pieces.

They take their name from the small town of Binibeca, created in the style of the fishing villages Menorcans, with their houses perfectly whitewashed in luminous white, and that originally intended to attract intellectuals, artists and bohemian people.

For people with personality, who want something different and they go for it. Like you.

Thanks to its size, its shape and its main color in contrast to green, you will not go unnoticed.

They will notice you.

Despite its size, they are very comfortable and light: each piece only weighs 1.9 grams.

Perfect pieces to combine in the same ring or in different ones with the XS size parts. Look at the photos ;)

THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Pair of craft elongated ceramic white and pistachio green pieces.

Ceramic piece: weight per piece 1.9g