The Eternal Summer | Home Fragance


We know you would like summer to be eternal. That is why we have created this very special and unique home fragrance. Pnow that summer never ends at least in your house!

It will convey that feeling of calm and freedom that vacations give you. It will transport you to that moment of rest, sound of the waves and feet in the sand.

It literally smells like summer thanks to an explosion of soft notes of coconut, jasmine, vanilla, tuberose... with a fresh touch of lime providing that energy that your house needs.

;) We warn you that your guests may want to stay forever, because who wouldn't want to stay in an #eternalsummer?

Our packages are scented with this exclusive KUUS fragrance. We cannot be more excited, that you have been the ones who, upon receiving the orders, have fallen in love with the fragrance, and have written to us asking for the fragrance. So we decided to open a home line, for you, for your home.


Contains 100ml