NEW | Ses Covetes Choker


The great success of the Es Trenc earrings has led us to design a matching summer accessory that is a trend this summer 2022. So you can highlight your tan everyday ;).

This is the New Choker Ses Covetes! His piece is inspired by the water of this virgin sand beach located next to Es Trenc.

Ses Covetes and Es Trenc are two beaches that share the same water, just as our earrings and choker share the same color in their pieces, although being different shapes, the result when baked has a different effect, like water, which is not the same. all over the beach ;). 



  • Fluorescent orange rope choker with a blue ceramic piece and a bow closure so you can adjust it around your neck. You have a video in the fourth image to see how it works or close 🤭.