1. In the sidebar menu select: KUUSTOMICE | YOUR EARRINGS
  2. Add a pair of KUUS Hoops to your shopping cart.
  3. Pick a pair of ceramic pieces, the ones you like the most. In the video we show you some colors, but you have 4 collections full of different pieces to choose from: 
  4. If you want, you can add a Pair of Initial pieces or a Pair of two-color pieces. You will love them! Also you can just add all the colors you love :)


If you want, you can make a return of our products (as long as possible for hygiene issues). We do not refund money, but you will receive your money back in the form of a "KUUPON" so that you can use it in our online store at any time, it has no expiration date.

You have 24 hours since you received your order to start the the return process. In addition, you must keep the original package and packaging to do the return shipment to us. You can create your return label on this link: 

If your product arrives broken, check here the steps you need to follow.

100% Plastic Free Packaging.

All the ceramic products you see at KUUS have passed through our hands. We design and make each piece with artisan thechniques and that's the reason of their beautiful imperfection. We work with our hands and treat each piece with a lot of love.

We want your KUUS to be very special pieces for you. That's why we're KUUS SPECIAL THINGS.

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