1. Select the rings that you like the most: Weather O The payment

  2. Choose your favorite pieces (all pieces are sold in pairs) and play when combining them. We leave you some ideas in the images (if you have doubts about which model, ask us through the Whatsapp button you see on the screen). You have 3 collections that you can find in the filters on the KUUSTOMIZE YOUR JEWELS page to choose and combine: 

    - Pieces Foodie
    - Pieces Donuts
    - Pieces oval

    Follow us on Instagram: @kuusspecialthings, we will fill you with inspiration ;)
  3. If you are going to give a KUUS jewel, be it earrings or pendants, we recommend adding a Saku to your basket, because that way you will be ten with your gift. It is a cloth bag that we make by hand, where the KUUS can be stored and taken on a trip or reused as a purse or whatever you want.