NEW | Xoroi Necklace


A pendant with a button?

You are right.

But it is not any button. It is a ceramic piece and we do it ourselves by hand. Look at the pictures the creation craft process.

The "button" is a piece that liked it so much in the bracelets where we put it, that we have decided to place it in a pendant. The result is a daring pendant, but at the same time elegant.

In the pendant XOROIthe button is made of one of the trendy colors of this fall/winter, in its different shades: lilac / violet / mauve.

It's a so special pendant, like the legend behind the Xoroi Cave (Minorca). A small cave found in the vertical drop of a cliff over the sea. A place that is now a bar/club where you can see one of the best sunsets in Menorca.


THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Pendant with a piece of handmade ceramic in the shape of a violet button. 

Material: 2 Micron Gold Plated Brass | Length 40cm | Violet colored closure to match the piece.