New | Fornells Necklace | 2 positions


As you do, we love versatile pieces full of details (even the closure is special!), ¡thant's why, you will love this pendant!

It has two very special extra small pieces, whose difficulty in ceramics increases when the size of the piece is reduced. They are made with a lot of care for original people with their own style, like you.

It is designed so you can wear it in two ways: look at pictures 1 and 2 ;).

You decide how to wear it every day.  

If you combine it with Cabo de Gata Coral earrings as you can see in the last images, you will have an ideal set.


THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Gold plated chain with  two asymmetrically placed mini pieces. One in the form of a carrot and another rounded. Both are small and very thin, hand made with ceramic.

Material: 2 Micron Gold Plated Brass | Length 60cm | orange clasp