NEW | Mini Turqueta Earrings | XS

Tipo de Aro:

Colored turquoise pieces, inspired by this virgin cove hidden among pine trees of Menorca, whose name is not known if it is, due to its spectacular turquoise water, or because it was the beach where the Turkish Pirates used to disembarqued in Menorca.

Our mini pieces (size xs) like these are perfect to combine with any other piece, in the same ring, or in different earrings if you have two holes in the same ear. Look at the images of the combinations that we propose!

Oh! And not only are there elegant becuase being so small. In addition, you will not realize that you wear them for hours and hours, because they are as light... as a feather: weigh LESS than 1 gram!!

THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Pair of earrings + pair of green turquoise handcrafted ceramic pieces  like the Papagayo pieces.

Material aros: Stainless steel Gold or Silver color - Diameter 16mm  

Ceramic piece: weight per piece 0.8g